Photography by Courtney Harvier

MASTERS| The Tenth Zine from Courtney Harvier on Vimeo.

I shot this short film for the Tenth Zine, a groundbreaking new zine from a group of Brooklyn-based artists that explores the intersections of queerness, blackness and male identity. We shot this in Franklin, LA on over humid weekend late last year.
Cinematography: Courtney Harvier
Edited: Courtney Harvier
Music: Moses Hogan "Soon Ah I will be Done"
Production: Pink Rooster Studios


These images were captured in October on a trip to Ghana. I was there to shoot a documentary about, Juanita Britton, who was being crowned as Queen Mother of KONKO Village. Our arrival coincided with the beginning of the annual Odwira Festival, which takes place in the Akon Mountains.  This was one of the most profound experiences of my life....I hope the images give you some kind of idea of what its was like.